Project 65

People aged 65 or over may audit one course per semester free of tuition and related fees, with the exception of a one-time $35 application fee. Courses not eligible for Project 65 include those offered through NDSU's Division of Distance and Continuing Education or summer self-support.

Project 65 students are encouraged to purchase the textbooks for their courses. The transcript of a student auditing a course will show a grade of 'Audit' for the course, which will not count as credit toward a degree. By definition, an auditor may attend class only as a listener. Students wishing to earn credit toward a degree must be admitted and pay all tuition and fees and complete all assignments and tests.

Students are responsible for course identification and selection and need to obtain a class permit with the audit authorization from the department/instructor.  Students should identify themselves as participants in the Project 65 program at the time of registration to the Office of Registration and Records, 110 Ceres (701-231-7981).