Classification of Students

Undergraduate degree-seeking students are classified according to the total number of credits earned. Classification or standing in a declared plan of study may vary from the classification used by the university in determining academic standing, financial aid award levels, etc.

Classification Completed Credits
Freshman0 - 26
Sophomore27 - 59
Junior60 - 89
Senior90 or more

Credit limitations may be placed on students who have not been fully admitted to a degree program at NDSU.

Undergraduate non-degree student: One who is not seeking a degree or who has not completed the formal application process for admission. A maximum of 15 credits may be completed in a non-degree student status. Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.

Conditional graduate standing: One who holds a baccalaureate degree and shows potential for successful graduate study, but does not meet all requirements for admission or has not satisfactorily completed prerequisite coursework. A maximum of 12 credits may be completed while under conditional status. Students may, in consultation with their major adviser, request a change to full graduate standing after demonstration of specified capability in graduate studies.

Graduate non-degree standing: One who holds a baccalaureate degree from an institution of recognized standing may enroll as a non-degree student. This category is for individuals who desire to pursue study beyond the baccalaureate degree for personal growth and improvement of skills, but not in order to work toward an advanced degree objective. No more than 10 credits taken under non-degree status with a grade of 'B' or higher may be transferred to any official program of study at NDSU. Students who decide to pursue full graduate admission are expected to complete the full application process.

Eligibility for Co-Curricular Activities

Unless granted special permission by the Student Life Office, students must fulfill the following to be eligible to be a designated student leader in any public program or public contest:

  • Satisfy entrance requirements
  • Attain and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00
  • Be registered for and successfully carrying at least nine undergraduate college credits during the current semester or be considered full time in a graduate program
  • Be in good behavioral conduct standing

Note: Non-degree students may not represent the university in any extracurricular activities nor join any student organization to which co-curricular eligibility rules apply.