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Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)

MLS 194. Individual Study. 1-5 Credits.

MLS 196. Field Experience. 1-15 Credits.

MLS 199. Special Topics. 1-5 Credits.

MLS 200. Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science. 1 Credit.

Introduction to medical laboratory science. Lectures, discussions, and field trips focus on professional traits and communication, ethical behavior of the health care provider, major curriculum requirements, and scope of practice.

MLS 291. Seminar. 1-3 Credits.

MLS 292. Study Abroad. 1-15 Credits.

MLS 294. Individual Study. 1-3 Credits.

MLS 299. Special Topics. 1-5 Credits.

MLS 379. Study Tour Abroad. 1-6 Credits.

MLS 391. Seminar. 1-3 Credits.

MLS 392. Study Abroad. 1-15 Credits.

MLS 394. Individual Study. 1-3 Credits.

MLS 399. Special Topics. 1-5 Credits.

MLS 435. Hematology. 2 Credits.

An introduction to the origin, matruation, and function of the formed elements of human blood. Identification of normal cells will be emphasized. Prereq: MICR 202L or MICR 350L.

MLS 491. Seminar. 1-5 Credits.

MLS 492. Study Abroad. 1-15 Credits.

MLS 494. Individual Study. 1-5 Credits.

MLS 496. Field Exp/Internship. 1-15 Credits.

Restricted to Medical Laboratory Science professional majors.

MLS 499. Special Topics. 1-5 Credits.