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Sports and Urban Turfgrass Management

Sports and Urban Turfgrass Management Major

The Sports and Urban Turfgrass Management program focuses on the science and technology for the management of quality turf in such areas as golf courses, sports facilities, parks, and home lawns. A graduate should be competent in grass physiology, soil science, proper irrigation practices, pest control, budgeting of resources, and personnel management. Graduates may work in the turf industry, which encompasses not only turf managers, but also the production of seed, sod or other turfgrass materials, manufacturing and marketing of products for turf management, business management, manpower development, consulting, and other services.

Students have the opportunity to minor in other programs of interest.

Turf Club: The goals of the Turf Club are to provide students with opportunities to share information, connect with the turf industry, gain real world experience, and broaden their knowledge. The club organizes field trips, topic discussions, and presentations by guest speakers. Other activities include attending regional and national turf conferences, community service, and fundraising.

Major Requirements

Major: Sports & Urban Turfgrass Management

Degree Type: B.S.
Required Degree Credits to Graduate: 128

General Education Requirements

First Year Experience (F):
AGRI 189Skills for Academic Success (Students transferring in 24 or more credits do not need to take AGRI 189.)1
Communication (C):
ENGL 110College Composition I3
ENGL 120College Composition II3
One Course in Upper level Writing: Select one of the following:3
Business and Professional Writing
Writing in the Technical Professions
Writing in the Sciences
COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
Quantitative Reasoning (R):
STAT 330Introductory Statistics3
Science & Technology (S): 10
This area will be satisfied with courses prescribed by the major.
Humanities & Fine Arts (A): Select from current general education list6
Social & Behavioral Sciences (B)
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics3
or ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
Select from current general education courses 3
Wellness (W): Select from current general education list2
Cultural Diversity (D): Select from current general education list
Global Perspectives (G):
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics3
or ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
Total Credits40

Major Requirements

General Education Requirements40
Required Courses for Sports & Urban Turf Mgmt
PLSC 210Horticulture Science3
PLSC 211Horticulture Science Lab1
PLSC 315
and Genetics Laboratory
PLSC 323Principles of Weed Science3
PLSC 341Landscape Bidding, Contracting and Operations2
PLSC 375
Turfgrass Management
and Turfgrass Management Laboratory
PLSC 381Sports Turf Operations3
PLSC 457Horticulture and Turfgrass Systems3
PLSC 468Landscape Irrigation Design2
PLSC 469Landscape Irrigation Installation and Management2
PLSC 491Seminar1
PLSC 496Field Experience2
Supporting Courses
ACCT 102Fundamentals of Accounting3
AGEC 242Introduction to Agricultural Management3
or AGEC 244 Agricultural Marketing
AGRI 150Agriculture Orientation (Students transferring in 24 or more credits do not need to take AGRI 150.)1
BIOL 150
General Biology I
and General Biology I Laboratory
BOT 380Plant Physiology3
CHEM 121
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Laboratory
ENT 350General Entomology3
MATH 103College Algebra (or higher level)3
PPTH 324Introductory Plant Pathology3
PPTH 457Landscape Plant Pathology3
SOIL 210Introduction to Soil Science3
SOIL 322Soil Fertility and Fertilizers3
Plant Science Electives: Select 5 credits from the following:5
Weed Identification
Introduction to Prairie & Community Forestry
Field Experience
Woody Landscape Plants
Herbaceous Landscape Plants
Plant Propagation
Advanced Turfgrass Topics
Arboriculture Science
Applied Crop Physiology
Degree Electives: Potential of 27 credits to reach 128.27
Total Credits128

Degree Requirements and Notes               

  • Suggested minors to supplement this major are Business Administration or Landscape Architecture.
  • The following courses are suggested as options should additional coursework be necessary to achieve the minimum 128 credits required for degree completion: ADHM 140 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry, ADHM 141 Tourism and Travel Management, ADHM 151 Design Fundamentals, ASM 373 Tractors & Power Units, ASM 374 Power Units Laboratory, CE 212 Civil Engineering Graphic Communications, HNES 112 Activity II, PHYS 211 College Physics I & PHYS 211L College Physics I Laboratory, PHYS 212 College Physics II & PHYS 212L College Physics II Laboratory, PLSC 150 Introduction to Horticulture Therapy, AND SOIL 217 Introduction to Meteorology & Climatology.