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International Studies

The International Studies major is a secondary major that is offered concurrently with a student’s primary program of study. This program provides students with the opportunity to internationalize their major by combining special requirements to obtain the international studies major with their academic field of study. Students complete course work that integrates a senior project, demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language, and participate in an experience abroad to complete a second major in International Studies.


In addition to the courses required for the primary major, students seeking the International Studies major are required to take courses that have an international focus. These include a 15-credit core and nine credits of electives that will be chosen with the help of the student's adviser. Work or study abroad experience, as well as an integrative senior project that ties international study to the primary degree also are required.


Knowledge of a foreign language is an important part of the program. At NDSU students may study Arabic, French, German, and Spanish. Additional language study is available through the Tri-College University in languages such as Norwegian, Japanese, and Chinese. Foreign language proficiency equivalent to completion of two years of college language study is required. This requirement may be met either through appropriate course work or through a testing procedure in the Department of Modern Languages .

Experience Abroad

An important part of the International Studies major is participation in a study, work, or research experience abroad for at least 10 consecutive weeks in duration. Assistance with finding an overseas study program is available in the Office of International Programs .

Selective Admission

To be eligible to participate in the International Studies major, students must have sophomore standing with a minimum grade-point average of 2.50. Eligible students also must have initiated advanced level course work in their academic major and completed the first year or equivalent of their foreign language study. Additional information about the International Studies major and curriculum requirements are available through the department of a student’s academic major, the college International Studies adviser, the Department of Modern Languages , and the Office of International Programs .

Major Requirements

Major: International Studies

Offered as a secondary major only; students must select a primary major before adding International Studies.

Required Credits: 32

International Studies Core Requirements
Group A:
INTL 110Introduction to International Studies3
Group B:
Select two of the following:6
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: Peoples of the World
World Regional Geography
International Politics
Comparative Politics
Group C:
Select one of the following:3
Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II
Group D:
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Anthropology
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: Peoples of the World *
Select courses with a significant international focus from the categories listed below. At least 3 credits MUST come from outside the student's primary major of study. Courses used for the International Studies Core cannot also count as electives. Other courses may be approved for this area with the approval of the College International Studies Advisor. A substitution form submitted to the Office of Registration and Records will be required in these instances.
Select 9 credits from the following:9
World Agricultural Development
ECON 456History of Economic Thought3
Economic Development
International Trade
World Food Crops
Business Admintration:
Global Retailing
BUSN 340International Business3
BUSN 341Global Business Environment3
International Business Law
International Finance
International Management
International Marketing
History and Theory of Architecture I
History of Architecture II
ARCH 474International Design Studio6
History of Landscape Architecture
Human Development and Education:
Global Retailing
Dress in World Cultures
Food and World Cultures
ADHM 485Global Consumer Analysis3
Children and Families Across Cultures
HNES 355International Health3
Humanities and Social Sciences:
Introduction to Anthropology
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: Peoples of the World
ANTH 443Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East & North Africa3
Peoples of the Pacific Islands
Magic and Religion
ANTH 455Language and Expressive Culture3
ANTH 459Global Cultural Heritage3
ART 111Introduction to Art History3
Art History I
Art History II
COMM 216Intercultural Communication3
Introduction to Linguistics
World Literature Masterpieces
British and American Women Writers
Multicultural Writers
ENGL 455International Technical Writing3
EMGT 425International Emergency Management3
Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II
Women in European History 1400-1800
Introduction to Latin American History
HIST 280History of East Asia to 16003
HIST 281History of East Asia from 16003
Australia & New Zealand
HIST 435World Environmental History3
The Ottoman Empire
Ancient History
Medieval History
Europe 1815-1914
Europe Since 1914
HIST 464Imperial Spain3
HIST 465Germany since 17503
HIST 467History Of Russia II3
Modern Latin America I
Modern Latin America II
Colonial Mexico
Modern Mexico
HIST 480History of Modern China from 16003
HIST 481History of Japan3
HIST 482Vietnam: 125 Years of Conflict3
HIST 485Cultural Exchange and the Making of the Modern World3
FREN 340The French-Speaking World3
Women in French Literature
French Literature & Culture before 1800
French Literature & Culture since 1800
GERM 220German Culture & Society3
Introduction to Spanish Civilization
SPAN 331Introduction to Spanish American Civilization3
Traditions in Spanish American Literature
SPAN 441Contemporary Spanish American Literature3
SPAN 442Introduction to Chicano Literature3
SPAN 443Spanish American Women Writers3
Traditions in Spanish Literature
SPAN 451Contemporary Spanish Literature3
SPAN 453Spanish Women Writers3
Music History I
Music History II
PHIL 215Contemporary Moral Issues3
Ancient Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
PHIL 370Social and Political Philosophy3
International Politics
Comparative Politics
Political Ideologies
Global Policy Issues
International Law
Ethnic Conflicts
POLS 446Current Topics in International Law3
Politics of the Developing Countries
POLS 452Comparative Political Economy3
Politics of the Industrialized Countries
SOC 443International Disasters3
THEA 115World Film3
THEA 280World Theatre3
Science and Mathematics:
Environmental Science
Human Geography
World Regional Geography
Any College: 3 credit limit from the following:
(Prefix) 379
Study Abroad Tour
(Prefix) 494
Individual Study
Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement
To be satisfied prior to the 10-week abroad experience
Proposal for Integrative Senior Project
A written proposal is to be submitted to the Director of the International Studies Major and the student's senior project advisor. The proposal will be graded and must be done PRIOR to project completion.1
Completion of Study, Work Experience, or Research Abroad Requirement
Approved, 10-week or equivalent experience spent abroad in an approved program. Must be 10 consecutive weeks.5
Integrative Senior Project Requirement
INTL 488Integrated Senior Project Proposal1
INTL 489Integrative Senior Project2
Total Credits150

These courses may be used for Group C if they were not used for Group B.

Major Requirements and Notes

  • The General Education component is to be completed with the student’s choice of primary major. 
  • Courses for the International Studies core may not double count as general education for the primary major.  However, courses meeting general education requirements for global perspectives and cultural diversity may count as electives. 
  • The electives list is not all inclusive; other courses meeting this requirement may be selected with the assistance of an International Studies major adviser and submission of a substitution form to the Office of Registration and Records .