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Teaching Specialty - Family and Consumer Sciences

Major Requirements

Major: Family & Consumer Sciences Education

Degree Type: B.S.
Required Degree Credits to Graduate: 130

General Education Requirements

First Year Experience (F):
HD&E 189Skills for Academic Success (Students transferring in 24 or more credits do not need to take HD&E 189.)1
Communication (C):
ENGL 110College Composition I3
ENGL 120College Composition II3
ENGL 358Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences3
COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
Quantitative Reasoning (R): Select from current general education list3
Science & Technology (S):
CSCI 114Microcomputer Packages3-4
or CSCI 116 Business Use of Computers
CHEM 117Chemical Concepts and Applications3
A one-credit lab must be taken as a co-requisite with a general education science/technology course unless the course includes an embedded lab experience equivalent to a one-credit course. Select from current general education list3-4
Humanities & Fine Arts (A): Select from current general education list6
Social & Behavioral Sciences (B):
PSYC 111Introduction to Psychology3
SOC 110Introduction to Sociology3
Wellness (W):
HNES 200Principles of Nutrition3
Cultural Diversity (D): Select from current general education list
Global Perspectives (G): Select from current general education list
Total Credits41

Major Requirements

The Family & Consumer Sciences Education Specialty requirements also includes those courses listed in the general education categories of Social & Behavioral Sciences and Science & Technology.

General Education Requirements40
Family & Consumer Sciences Education Teaching Specialty Requirements
ADHM 155Apparel Construction and Fit3
or ADHM 101 Beginning Apparel Construction
ADHM 366Textiles3
ADHM 410Dress in World Cultures3
or ADHM 486 Dress and Human Behavior
HDFS 135Family Science3
HDFS 186Consumer and Society3
HDFS 230Life Span Development3
HDFS 242Couples, Marriages and Families3
HDFS 341Parent-Child Relations3
HDFS 357Personal and Family Finance3
HDFS 462Methods of Family Life Education3
HDFS 475Children and Families Across Cultures3
H&CE 469Housing Education and Issues3
HNES 141Food Sanitation1
HNES 200Principles of Nutrition3
HNES 217Personal and Community Health3
HNES 261
Food Selection and Preparation Principles
and Food Selection and Preparation Principles Laboratory
Housing/Design/Consumer Education: Select one of the following:1-3
Design Fundamentals
History of Interiors I
History of Interiors II
Professional Education Requirements
EDUC 321Introduction to Teaching3
EDUC 322Educational Psychology3
EDUC 451Instructional Planning, Methods and Assessment3
EDUC 486Classroom Management for Diverse Learners3
EDUC 489Teaching Students of Diverse Backgrounds3
H&CE 232Philosophy and Policy3
H&CE 467Advising Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America3
H&CE 468Methods of Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences I: Techniques3
H&CE 482Methods of Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences II: Professional Practices3
H&CE 483Student Teaching Seminar1
H&CE 487Student Teaching9
H&CE 488Applied Student Teaching3
Total Credits130-132

Degree Requirements and Notes

  • The following courses are recommended but not required for the program: ADHM 151 Design Fundamentals AND ADHM 367 Textiles Laboratory.
  • GPA of 2.75 or better in the teaching specialty is required for placement in student teaching and exit from the program.
  • A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in all Professional Education Requirement courses.
  • A GPA of 2.75 or better in professional education as well as passing the appropriate Praxis II exam are required to exit the program.
  • See School of Education for admission requirements.