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Department of Apparel, Design, and Hospitality Management

Students graduating with majors in Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design (ARMD); Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM); or Interior Design (ID) have a strong general education component and specialized career preparation. Interdisciplinary curricula in the Apparel, Design and Hospitality Management (ADHM) Department may build upon economics and business, art, behavioral sciences, or natural sciences. The department offers three majors: ARMD, HTM, and ID. Two options are available within ARMD: apparel studies and retail merchandising. The retail merchandising option offers two emphasis areas: interior retail merchandising and textile product retail merchandising. Minors are available in ARMD and HTM. For more information about any of the programs, contact the department. New students are advised to contact the department prior to beginning their college work.

Enrichment Opportunities

The department supplements classroom learning through structured field experiences to hospitality operations, fashion, and design centers. Study tours to cities such as, Los Angeles, New York City, Minneapolis, Chicago, and to several countries, such as England, France, India, and Korea are scheduled regularly.

All three majors in the the ADHM Department host active student organizations. The student organizations provide students with extra opportunities outside the classroom such as industry speakers, field trips to view workplaces, chances to work on service-learning projects to help others, and the experience of planning large events related to their field of interest.  ARMD students participate in the Fashion and Business Organization (FABO). In addition, they plan and implement a spring fashion show for the whole campus. The HTM student organization is the Hospitality Student Association (HSA). Their biggest event each year is the Food and Wine Show, which they organize and implement each spring as a fundraiser. The money earned goes toward a scholarship fund, some is used to defray costs of a field trip and the remainder is used for activities, special projects, and meetings for the following year. The ID student organization is the student chapter of the national professional organization, the American Society of Interior Design (ASID).  Students participate in local and regional design events that include the annual North Dakota Interior Designers' Showcase. They compete biennially in Canstruction® to support the regional food bank. These students plan a trip to a place on interest each year. They have gone to Minneapolis and Chicago in recent years.

Professional enrichment is possible through departmental affiliation with the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City, or various Study Abroad programs. NDSU students who attend these institutions for a semester or a year gain valuable experience in a fashion, merchandising, hospitality and tourism management, or interior design environment. Students should prepare to do this experience during their junior and/or senior year. Additional information about these programs is furnished upon request.

Fashion Institute of Technology Affiliation

The department has an arrangement with the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), New York City, where a qualified student may attend that institution for a semester or a full year as a visiting student. Summer School opportunities are also available. The approved credits earned at F.I.T. will transfer to NDSU and will count toward graduation requirements. Students participating in the one-year visiting student program earn an associate degree from F.I.T.

During the first year of study at NDSU, interested students should consult with their advisers to ensure full consideration of their application for the F.I.T. visiting student program. Application should be made at least one year in advance. Students who participate in this program spend their last year of study attending F.I.T.