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Entomology, or the study of insects, provides a wide array of topics to study. The number of insect species outnumbers all other animal groups combined and affects humans, plants, animals, and the environment in a multitude of ways, some good, some bad. Many insect species attack our crops and our domestic animals, often vectoring diseases along with the physical damage they cause. Many species are beneficial in providing food (e.g. honey), pollination services, and many are biological control agents for noxious weeds and other insect pests. Areas of study within entomology range from the very basic (systematics and conservation ecology) to the very applied (insect pest management of regional crops). Professional career opportunities include positions within academia, private research companies, the government, and conservation organizations. The Entomology Department at NDSU does not offer a formal undergraduate degree, but several courses (General Entomology, Humans, Insects and the Environment, Plant Resistance, and Insect Ecology) are available to interested students. Graduate programs in Entomology at NDSU emphasize a core curriculum (Ecology, Morphology, Physiology, and Systematics) as well as specialized training in research, extension and teaching.