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Collaborative Student Registration

A collaborative student is one who chooses to enroll at more than one North Dakota University System (NDUS) institution for a particular term. The institution from which the student is earning a degree is considered the "home institution". The institution(s) that supplies courses for a degree is considered the "provider institution(s)". The following guidelines pertain to courses taken collaboratively:

  1. A student must be enrolled in at least one degree credit course at NDSU before enrolling in a collaborative course including the summer semester. Excluded from this requirement are students using the faculty/staff tuition waiver.
  2. Only degree seeking undergraduate students in good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or higher) are allowed to enroll collaboratively.
  3. The collaborative process allows NDSU to combine credit from more than one NDUS institution for the purpose of financial aid (for courses added through the seventh business day from the start of the term).
  4. Collaborative courses are not subject to the NDSU tuition cap.
  5. The student pays provider campus tuition/fees for collaborative course(s). This additional amount is included in the student's accounts receivable balance at NDSU.
  6. Not all scholarships/tuition waivers cover collaborative tuition and fees. Please check with your funding agency.
  7. Students must be in good financial standing to be eligible for collaborative coursework registration.
  8. The student cannot exceed a total of 20 credits between NDSU and the provider institution(s) without special permission from the Registrar at home and provider campuses.
  9. The student must follow NDSU's academic dates and deadlines for adding/dropping collaborative courses.
  10. Drop/adds must be administered by submitting an updated collaborative registration form to the home institution. NDSU students may submit the form to the Office of Registration and Records , 110 Ceres Hall.
  11. Courses will be posted to the NDSU academic record as transfer credit once NDSU receives an official transcript from the provider institution. Note: Grades earned in collaborative courses may be used in determining financial aid satisfactory progress.
  12. A student's last 30 credits of a degree program must be earned in residence at NDSU. Any student taking credits within the last 30 must submit an Appeal for Exception to Academic Regulations to the Office of Registration and Records. Exempt from this requirement are students in the Elementary Education, Social Work, and Bismarck Nursing programs.
  13. Completion of the Collaborative Student Contract and Registration Form does not guarantee registration into the requested course(s). However, if the request(s) cannot be processed, the student will be notified via their NDSU e-mail address.
  14. Collaborative registration is not an option for repeating courses previously taken at NDSU.  If students wish to take advantage of the repeated course opportunity to improve a grade, that course must be repeated at NDSU.
  15. Due to federal compliance, course repeats via collaborative registration will be prohibited to prevent significant federal financial aid impacts which could result in overpayment of federal financial aid funds.