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Advanced Athletic Training

Program and Application Information
Interim Department Head:Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald
Program Coordinator:Dr. Kara Gange
Department Location:Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse
Department Phone:(701) 231-5777
Department Web
Application Deadline:Rolling applications process starting December 1 starting fall
Degrees Offered:M.S.
English Proficiency Requirements:TOEFL ibT 81; IELTS 6.5

Program Description

The Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences (HNES) offers graduate study leading to the Master of Science (M.S.) in Advanced Athletic Training and a Master of Athletic Training (MATrg) degree. The HNES department also offers a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in HNES with options in Exercise/Nutrition Science and Dietetics (on line).

The Master of Science in Advanced Athletic Training is a post-professional degree consisting of 40 credits.  The mission of post-professional graduate athletic training education is to expand the depth and breadth of applied and experiential knowledge and skills of the entry-level athletic trainer, to expand the athletic training body of knowledge, and to disseminate new knowledge in the discipline.  At NDSU, the MS in Advanced Athletic Training program prepares the student with the increased depth and breadth in the following areas:  Diagnostic Ultrasound, Therapeutic Modalities, Orthopedic Appliances, Emergency Care Techniques, Kinesio Tape® and Manual Therapies.  The combination of research and clinical practice is emphasized in preparing the post-professional student for future employment.

Admission Requirements 

  1. Minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  2. Acceptance into the NDSU Graduate School .
  3. Must be a BOC AT or eligible for the BOC exam and have graduated from a CAATE accredited professional (entry-level) graduate or undergraduate athletic training program.
  4. Skype or interview with Athletic Training Faculty.

Admission Acceptance/Denial into the MS:

The MS application process is a very competitive process.  The Application Committee reviews the graduate school and program application and determines if a student is granted an interview.  The committee will set up a time with the student to complete the interview process.  Criterion that is evaluated includes:  overall GPA, certification status, quality of writing sample, quality of career goal statement, interview, and letters of reference.  Exceptions to the requirements can be made upon recommendations from the Application Committee.  Acceptance is not guaranteed simply upon satisfactory completion of the requirements.  Once the Athletic Training Application Committee agrees to accept the student, the program director notifies the HNES Graduate Administrative Assistant, who notifies the NDSU Graduate School.  Students are notified by the NDSU Graduate School of acceptance in the program.  This letter should be received approximately 2 weeks after the Graduate School receives notification.

The Master of Science in Advanced Athletic Training requires 40 semester credits (thesis option only). 

Required Courses
Quantitative Methods in Developmental Science
Applied Statistics
Statistics In Educational Research
Introduction to Research Design and Methods in HNES
Advanced Techniques in Sports Medicine
Orthopedic Appliances
Scholarly Writing and Presenting in HNES
Diagnostic Evaluation of Athletic Injuries
Athletic Training Clinical Education IV
Graduate Seminar (Advanced Emergency Care)
Graduate Seminar (SPSS)
Graduate Seminar (Teaching)
Practicum/Internship (one credit per semester)
Master's Thesis (6 credits)
Electives: Additional 6 credits (must be 600/700 level)
Total credits40
First Year
HNES 7103HNES 7233HDFS 705, STAT 725, or EDUC 7023
HNES 7873HNES 7773 
HNES 794 (Semester I)1HNES 7863 
 HNES 790 (Advanced Emergency Care)1 
 HNES 794 (Semester II)1 
 7 11 3
Second Year
HNES 790 (SPSS)1HNES 7653 
HNES 794 (Semester III)1HNES 790 (Teaching)1 
HNES 7983HNES 794 (Semester IV)1 
Elective 600/700 Course3HNES 7983 
 Elective 600/700 level course3 
 8 11
Total Credits: 40

Shannon David, Ph.D., ATC
Ohio University, 2013
Research Interests: Quantification of Intervention Outcomes, Patient-Clinician Relationship

Kara Gange, Ph.D., ATC
North Dakota State University, 2010
Research Interests: Therapeutic Modalities and Diagnostic Ultrasound

Nicole German Knodel, Ph.D., ATC
North Dakota State University, 2008
Research Interests: Critical Thinking, Clinical Practice

Katie Lyman, Ph.D., ATC
University of South Florida, 2014
Research Interests:  Kinesio Tape®, Manual Medicine, and Emergency Medicine