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Women and Gender Studies (WGS)

WGS 110. Introduction to Women's Studies. 3 Credits.

Exploration of a range of social/domestic and global issues related to women; development of a feminist framework for thinking and writing about woman and gender.

WGS 112. Introduction to Masculinities. 3 Credits.

Exploration of the lives of men and boys and the diverse experiences and public discourses about masculinity; the role of men and boys in sports, family, work and other social relationships.

WGS 194. Individual Study. 1-5 Credits.

WGS 199. Special Topics. 1-5 Credits.

WGS 294. Individual Study. 1-5 Credits.

WGS 340. Perspectives in LGBTQ Studies. 3 Credits.

Exploration of sexual orientation, gender identity, and bodies from multiple contemporary feminist and queer perspectives. Course provides an opportunity to increase knowledge of the scholarship and writings in LGBTQ studies. Recommended prereq: WGS 110 or WGS 112.

WGS 350. Perspectives in Women's Studies. 3 Credits.

Exploration of women and gender from many perspectives. Course provides an opportunity to increase knowledge of the scholarship and writings in Women's Studies, including authors such as Friedan, Baumgardner and Richards, Wolf, and Roiphe. Prereq: WGS 110.

WGS 370. Transnational/Global Women. 3 Credits.

Understanding women's lives within the contemporary context of transnationalism, where the local and the global are integrally linked and perspectives are informed by gender, race, class, sexuality, and nationality.

WGS 394. Individual Study. 1-5 Credits.

WGS 399. Special Topics. 1-5 Credits.

WGS 450. Issues in Women and Gender Studies. 3 Credits.

This course will focus on a variety of areas of interest related to women and gender. May be repeated for credit with change in topic. Recommended prereq: WGS 110.

WGS 489. Internship/Capstone. 3 Credits.

Integrate coursework taken in Women's Studies major; apply knowledge to women's events and experiences; explore career and graduate options in the field of Women's Studies.

WGS 491. Seminar. 1-5 Credits.

WGS 494. Individual Study. 1-5 Credits.

WGS 496. Field Experience. 1-15 Credits.

WGS 499. Special Topics. 1-5 Credits.

WGS 790. Graduate Seminar. 1-5 Credits.